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Advisory - Training - Talents - R&D solutions

Advisory in Industrie 4.0, digitalization and AI

As advisor you can count on my support in finding the optimal solutions for your technical and internal strategic questions. Regardless of whether it is an industrial or medical task, I offer accompanyment in the design, conception, implementation, monitoring and optimization of specific AI solutions. Our agile cooperative way of advisory work ensures that the digital transformation and selection of its technologies for your topics, from sensors to front-ends and modern Artificial Intelligence, write a success story and bring serious boom to your business.

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The most sustainable investment in AI is empowering your team for the future. Competent employees, managers and teams form the basis for the long-term success of AI in your company. Based on a funded, managerial or profound application oriented training on industrie 4.0 and on artificial intelligence, you are with us in good hands both in the conception and implementation of specific individual training courses for decision makers, technical leaders as well as company-wide training initiatives. We advise you strategically, didactically and methodically on the subject of the fourth industrial revolution and modern topic of applied AI. We ensure that the latest trends related to Industrie 4.0 and promising AI techniques are addressed and tailored to your needs and knowledge.

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Securing young AI talents

Technologies of Industrie 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence are of immense importance for the future strength of modern economies and businesses. In the field of basic research, Germany has a very good starting position with its broad and excellent research landscape. Although some companies develop and use methods from the Industrie 4.0 and AI scopes, the majority of companies do not yet have enough young talents in these fields. This in today's very competitive global economy is becoming a problem especially for SMEs.

Through our contact with students at the Saarland University of Applied Sciences htw saar and on international level we can help in bringing students in contact with you to write bachelor, master or even doctoral thesis in your company. Bind the students to your topics at an early stage and thus secure your future I4.0, AI engineers and researchers.


Research and Development

AI is now considered as one of the key technologies of the fourth industrial revolution. With the rapid improvement of AI processes and the simultaneous increase in the availability of data, the applications of AI are expanding. The fast, efficient and effective use of AI in these application possibilities is a decisive factor in maintaining and strengthening the innovation power and competitiveness of companies in the modern economy.

Do you have a project or an idea that you would like to bring to life?

With our experienced R&D teams at htw saar and Fraunhofer IZFP we are able to solve problems for you. We offer our customers a wide range of R&D services: diagnostic of current situation, accompany and conception of solution, implementation and training. You too can use data and artificial intelligence to develop new business models, optimize processes and improve products and services.


Contact us to get our support.

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